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ALATEAK Product Care

ALATEAK Product Care

Your product is made of solid teak wood and is enhanced with our proprietary finish. This finish adds a rich and protective coating and does not require any special maintenance other than occasional cleaning with a soft bristle brush and mild detergent. When the product is not exposed to water or sunlight it will maintain the same look for many years. 


Product options when exposed to water or sunlight (does not apply to Mocha finish):

Do nothing and enjoy the natural weathering patina that evolves with normal use. Teak furniture when exposed to water and sunlight will slowly fade to a natural silver-gray color. This color transformation does not affect the durability of the teak furniture.

Do not consistently leave teak furniture in standing water


Maintain color

If you prefer to keep your teak product at its original color instead of letting it weather to a silvery-grey patina then an occasional coat of  Teak Oil applied to the furniture will help maintain that look. Apply a small amount of teak oil on a soft rag and rub it onto a clean & dry teak product. After you have oiled the product wipe again with a clean dry rag to remove excess oil. The oil is meant to penetrate the wood not sit on top. Follow the instructions on the teak oil bottle.

Restore color

If your furniture has turned silver-gray from weathering in the shower or sun;  you may choose to restore the finish. You must first remove the thin weathered layer by using  Cleaner & Brightener before applying teak oil.


As the wood weathers, you may notice small cracks, this is called "checking". This is normal and in no way affects the stability and integrity of the furniture. Teak wood is naturally a very durable wood that is waterproof and weather resistant. When the wood is fresh, it may appear to be a golden color. However, over time, young teak wood darkens to a rich mocha color. The color change is natural and does not indicate that there is a problem but speaks to its authenticity. Because of its natural oils, teak furniture is a very low-maintenance wood, even under exposure. However, over time, you may notice that your teak wood furniture does not have the same brilliant sheen. Not to fret, you can easily restore the brilliant color and shine with a few simple steps.


Steps to caring for your teak wood furniture

Caring for your teak furniture is fairly simple and does not require these performance steps to be completed unless your teak appears dull or dingy.

  • Rinse after use. For shower, bath, or spa furniture, rinse away soap residue and body oils after each use. For patio furniture, rinse regularly, especially after storms. For poolside furniture, rinse chlorinated pool water off furniture regularly.
  • Wash with soap and water to remove soap or chlorine.
  • Use  Cleaner and Brightener if the teak is excessively dirty or has taken on a grey or black tint.
  • Use Premium Teak Oil to restore the teak wood’s natural shine 


How to Clean Teak Patio Furniture

Teak wood is incredibly durable and low maintenance. Although you will need to periodically clean your teak patio furniture, it will not need to be a weekly occurrence. You should only clean your teak wood when it appears weathered or dingy. Factors that can make this occur are a long, snowy winter, furniture that is poolside and gets splashed with chlorinated pool water, and furniture that is hit by the sprinkler or exposed to frequent, periodic rain. Water spots, while harmless, can make your patio furniture appear dull. To quickly remedy this and bring your teak wood back to life, simply use a non-metallic brush or sponge to gently scrub the surface of the wood with either dish soap or special teak wood cleaner. Always scrub in the direction of the wood grain and don’t apply much force. Once scrubbed, simply rinse with a hose and then pat dry, allow the furniture to air dry the rest of the moisture.

To remove stains, such as those caused by spilled red wine, scrub in the manner described above while using a commercial teak wood cleaning product. If the stain has already settled into the wood, you can lightly sand the stained area. For water spots caused by hard-water buildup, you can use a small amount of vinegar mixed with water instead of soap to clean the spots off of your furniture.

Teak wood is a very dense, naturally oily wood that is valued for its ability to endure years of exposure to moisture from humidity, rain, and snow, in addition to extreme heat and wind. Teak wood is also naturally resistant to mold and termites. All of these features make teak wood the ideal wood for outdoor patio furniture. With some minor maintenance, your teak wood patio furniture should be just as beautiful when your grandchildren inherit it as it is right now. Browse our entire line of teak wood patio furniture at Teak today!


How Do I Care for My Teak Wood Furniture?

Teak wood is an extremely durable wood that can easily last a lifetime. However, as with anything else, it will look as beautiful as long as it lasts with a little care and routine maintenance. Luckily, teak wood is relatively low maintenance and doesn’t require much attention because it has its own natural internal oils that help preserve it. A little tender, love, and care just helps it regain a magnificent sheen. Here, we will give you a few tips on how to properly care for your teak wood furniture.

Rinse thoroughly after each use

Your teak wood furniture, just like your shower walls, easily attracts soap scum while you shower. To prevent runoff from building up on your teak shower bench, simply rinse off your teak wood shower furniture after each use. For other household teak wood furniture, rinse or wipe off contaminants as necessary. Prevention is key for keeping your teak wood looking beautiful!

Wash with soap and water

If you do end up getting soap scum build-up on your teak wood shower furniture or you have weather stains on your teak patio furniture, you can easily clean the surface with some warm water and dish soap. If you have some stubborn stuck-on stains or deep grime clinging to your wood furniture, simply use a soft-bristle brush to gently scrub the furniture to remove residue from the wood grain. Be sure to thoroughly rinse your furniture to prevent leaving behind dish soap residue!

Use teak cleaner and brightener

If your teak wood is badly weathered or has been neglected to the point that it takes on a grey or black appearance, simply rinsing it off will not to the trick. AlaTeak has created a specially formulated cleaner for teak wood furniture. Apply teak cleaner & brightener to the surface of your teak wood furniture, then use a stiff-bristled brush to spread the product. Allow it to sit for two-three minutes before scrubbing it with the grain of the wood. Rinse thoroughly and inspect for cleanliness. Extremely dirty wood may require a second application and additional scrubbing. Once your teak furniture is cleaned, revive its beauty with some teak oil.

Give it an oil rub down

Teak wood makes its own oil, naturally within the wood that keeps it healthy and gives it its natural waterproof quality. Over time, you may notice that your teak wood doesn’t look as impressive as it did when you brought it home, but have no fear, there is an easy fix! Simply rub your teak wood furniture down with teak oil. Be careful, though, you only need a very minimal amount to refresh your wood. Simply apply a small amount to the wood in a buffing motions and voilà!

Teak wood is naturally brilliantly beautiful with a gorgeous shine that will make people envious. Teak wood is also incredibly durable and is able to withstand most assaults mother nature can weather. One of the biggest benefits to owning teak wood furniture is that when the wood begins to show signs of a well-used life, it is simple to take away the traces of age and use and revive the natural splendor the wood has to offer. If you are in the market for teak wood furniture or teak wood treatment products, check out our selection at AlaTeak!