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Return Policy

Return Policy


Silver Globe Inc Return and Refund Policy

Silver Globe Inc is an international trading group and back in where it is from, New Jersey, they have many  years of background on hand crafted, hand woven and machine made Furniture’s. There are a lot of time have been spent on designing, backing, weaving, packing and so on processes. Based on basics of Furniture business, our return and refund policy is as following.

Every item sold has 15 days of refund warranty, however, both first and return shipment costs will be subtracted from the amount payed for free shipping items, and for items that are not free shipping, a full amount refund is getting reimbursed to the account of the customer.

Every order passed 15 days after the order is placed will have chance of replacement up to 1 month after the purchase. If the reason is acceptable according to the same policy determined for the “First 15 Days Policy”

Item replacement and refunding items, including shipping costs are provided all from us, when the item is defected, received wrong item, and possibly item is delivered later than the days specified without a reasonable late shipment.

All refunds are made after the returned items are received. After a revisal process, additional shipment costs are payed back as the amount of shipping cost.

All shipments made by authorized Shipping Facilities of FedEx, UPS, and USPS.

All terms are reviewed through the law and accounting offices associated with Silver Globe Inc, NJ.


    Give us a shout if you have any other questions and/or concerns.

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    Phone: +1 (973) 773 3873