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Why Millennials Love Teak Wood Furniture

It’s true that millennials have fallen in love with their grandparents’ teak furniture. The hard-wearing sustainable tables, cabinets, and shower benches are now a must-have item for those looking to renovate and redecorate. But why is this generation so obsessed with teak furniture? Well, it might have a lot to do with fond childhood memories and saving the planet! Let’s discuss the growing demand for sustainable teak. 

Millennials love teak wood furniture

A Few Reasons Why Millennials Are In Love

For starters, teak wood is known for its durability and longevity. This makes it an excellent investment for those who want to invest in long-wearing furniture that will last for many years. For couples looking to save money while redecorating, this is the ideal choice over cheaper yet more flimsy alternatives. Let's be honest; there's nothing more frustrating than building a flat-pack furniture set, for it to only last a couple of months before it needs to be replaced. 

And millennials have embraced their grandparents’ teak furniture because it is sturdy and hardwearing. Teak wood is naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insect infestations, which makes it an ideal choice for outdoor furniture too. This means that it can be left outside without the need for regular maintenance or treatment. Perfect for young professionals and busy families who just don’t seem to have the time to protect their garden patio sets. 

Another reason for the growing demand for teak wood furniture is that millennials are much more environmentally conscious than previous generations. They have a deep respect for the planet, and this shows in the type of products they gravitate towards. Teak is one of the most eco-friendly natural materials available, as it grows incredibly quickly without needing to be planted or replanted. It is also very easy to turn it into beautiful furniture without relying on harsh chemicals, meaning that this type of wood is kind to the planet as well as your home. 

In addition to its durability, teak wood is also known for its grounding properties. Many people find that the natural warmth and texture of teak wood has a calming effect and can help to create a sense of stability and security in space. This makes it a popular choice for those who want to create a comfortable and inviting home environment. And in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, calming, minimalist interior decors are a must and help to soothe racing thoughts and anxiety.



A Visual Reminder Of Childhood

Yet what people might not realize is how teak wood furniture is connected to childhood memories. In fact, many millennials have fallen in love with their grandparents’ teak furniture, as it brings to mind fond childhood memories. For many, the furniture that their grandparents owned holds a special place in their hearts and serves as a reminder of the simpler, more carefree days of their youth.  When they see a teak wood table or cabinet, they instantly recall the times spent with their grandparents. They remember being held on their lap, being fed ice cream and getting cherished advice about life. It also reminds them of holiday homes filled with laughter and happiness. 

Teak wood furniture is also associated with family warmth and togetherness. This is perhaps due to the fact that it can be passed down within families and generations, being used over and again by different family members. And millennials have been raised with a strong emphasis on the importance of family, meaning that they are particularly drawn to pieces of furniture that create an instant sense of nostalgia or comfort. 

Buying New Teak Furniture

But it doesn’t have to be the exact piece that their loved ones owned. For millennials who live far from their relatives, purchasing teak wood furniture that is new still allows them to feel as though their homes have the aesthetic of their grandparents. And this is why more millennials are shopping online for sustainable furniture made of teak.

Saving The Planet With Teak Furniture

Additionally, investing in sustainable, long-wearing furniture like teak wood also has benefits for the environment. In today’s throwaway culture, where many people are quick to discard old furniture and replace it with new, unsustainable options, choosing long-lasting furniture like teak can help to reduce waste and minimize our impact on the planet. But more millennials are saying no to this way of life. In fact, buying cheap furniture as opposed to sustainable furniture designed to stand the test of time is now looked down upon. Paying more for quality and to protect the planet is the preferred choice. 

Shop High-Quality Teak Furniture Online

Overall, it’s clear that millennials have fallen in love with their grandparents’ teak furniture for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s because of its durability, grounding properties, or the memories it evokes, teak wood furniture is a popular choice among young people today. And with its sustainability and long-wearing nature, it’s an investment that can benefit both the individual and the environment. Feel free to shop our online collection of indoor and outdoor teak wood furniture today.

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